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     " At the time our houses were a bit like barracks, a bit like shops of inventors, once you stepped in some wooden baskets, farm tools, harnesses and things that you couldn't describe came into the eye."

     ----- Pablo Neruda "Confieso que he vivido"

Pablo's words perfectly describe the image of my ideal studio. It's a space where all kinds of stuff are scattered around and you cannot define them as jewellery or art decoration or simply a piece made and then existed without any purpose.

Only the beauty and fun of these pieces are talked about. 


Ching Su

Born in 1987, Taiwan


Education, Experiences  |

2005-2009    Bachelor of English literature, National Chingchi University, Taipei, Taiwan

2011-2013    Rembrandt Studio, Taipei, Taiwan

2014/07        Fucina de Rossi, Venice, Italy

2015-2017    Goldsmith, Le Arti Orafe jewelry school, Florence, Italy

2018/10        Blindspot Jewellry, Genova, Italy

2019/04-06   Ford Hallam Studio, Brixham, United Kingdom


Exhibition   |

2016/12   Espressioni al Femminile: Il Gioiello tra Oriente e Occidente, Cartavetra, Florence, Italy

2017/02   Inhorgenta, Munich, Germany

2017/05   Artigianato e Palazzo, Florence, Italy

2017/05   Florence Jewellery Week, Florence, Italy 

2017/10   Enjoia's contemporary jewelry competition, selected as a semifinalist, Barcelona, Spain

2017/11  Dreamers, Torino, Italy